Basketball and more precisely Davidson basketball has taught me one thing: What is not given is lost... I want to visit the world so it doesn't get lost and I want to share it with children as I go along so they can dream of its greatness.


Some have everything and some have the rest... My girlfriend and I are extremely fortunate because our wholes lives we were encouraged to dream, to chase after what we wanted and to realize our potential. There were bumps along the way, but we now realize how lucky we have been and still are. We want to take advantage of our freedom to go ahead and visit the world, but we want to really see it so we're going to visit it at a 5 mph cruising speed. And along the way we want to share with children the beauty of chasing a dream. We want to serve as exmaples and as motivators for children to strive to reach their goals. We will use great examples and simple ones since a dream does not have to be big it only has to be dreamed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

THE PLAN (vague but vibrant)

My girlfriend Katherine and I are aware of our inexperience and we are aware of the challenges we will face on the ocean so we are motivated to take all the classes possible and to enable ourselves to sail away.

The plan has already started since Kats is a licensed VHF radio operator and I will soon be also.

05/09 I am enrolled in a CPR and First Aid on water class.

06/09 I will be on a 33 foot sailboat named Night Image from June 10th to July 10th.

07/09 Kats and I are taking my parents to a 5 day class called elementary cruising offered by Voile Mercator.
07/09Kats, my sister Eve, and I will then take the intermediate cruising class in the Golfe Saint-Laurent offered by the same school.

08/09 Kats and I will sail in Quebec every occasion we get through August and September.

10/09 We will leave in October for France to attend L'ecole Des Glenans for 7 days.

10/09 Then I will cross the Atlantic with L'Ecole Des Glenans to reach Martinique during Kats finishes her fall semester.

12/09 This will be the end of training and the beginning of our adventure. Kats will meet me in the Carribeans after Christmas and we will start looking for a boat to purchase, refit and sail up to Annapolis for tuning and final preparations before the Eastward Atlantic crossing leading us into the Mediterranean.

01/10 Intense preparation of the boat and the crew for departure.

05/10 Planned date of departure from Canada to the Azores and from there to the Straight of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea and millions of people to talk to and about.

links to schools and cruises we will go to and on to prepare:

Monday, May 4, 2009


The goal is to help people as we travel around the world
The goal is to show that helping is not harder than not helping
The goal is to inspire others to help as well
The goal is far from being reached
But the process is what we are seeking not the results
We started here... on a completely still Lac Saint-Jean in Quebec.

We then sailed on the beautiful but often calm Lake Norman, NC.

And our goal is to sail the Seven Seas.


Last summer (2008), my parents, my to-be girlfriend, and myself went to Lac Saint Jean to visit my sister. Once there we opted for an afternoon cruise on the lake. Marc Gagnon then took us on his boat to see what this lake was all about. The truth is we shared a lot and greatly enjoyed swimming in the cold water, but there was no wind.
Final results: we motored around for a couple of hours and never hoisted sails, And I fell madly in love with sailing.

Since then I have read a few books or let's say I have read every sailing book I could put my hands on, and I have been planning with my girlfriend to sail around the world.

Click this link to see more pictures of Lac Saint Jean